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When your upholstery is looking and smelling worse for wear, you can count on us to get it clean!

Our company is here to help when your upholstery could use some help looking and smelling fresher. We sit on our furniture year-round, allowing sweat and oils to soak into the fabric. This can leave stains and smells that no one wants on their upholstery. Our team uses the latest cleaning equipment to ensure that your upholstery gets the most thorough clean in the business! We’ve extensively trained each member of our cleaning team to ensure that you get nothing less than the best in professional upholstery cleaning services! Call us today for a free quote!

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    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Our Carpet Cleaning Services

    No matter if it’s the couches in your house, the chairs in your office, or any other upholstered furniture, we offer the best professional upholstery cleaning services on the market! Check out our services below!

    Residential Upholstery Cleaning was done at this house in Reno Nevada.

    Residential Upholstery Cleaning

    Furniture in any house can get dirty remarkably fast. From the sweat and oils from our skin soaking into the fabric to food or drink spills to pet messes, there’s no end to the things that can get your upholstery dirty. Our company offers residential upholstery cleaning to ensure that your home’s furniture stays clean and smells fresh! No matter how much you clean, dirty furniture can make any room look messy and unattractive. Let us help you today!
    Residential Upholstery Cleaning was done at this house in Reno Nevada.

    Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

    Whether it’s office chairs for your employees or couches in your lobby for guests, the furniture around your business needs to be clean to promote the professional atmosphere your business needs. Not to mention, soiled upholstery can make your smell worse than it looks! Our company is here to provide commercial upholstery cleaning services to help you keep your business looking professional and more comfortable for your employees and visitors!

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    Leather Upholstery cleaning is being done by a professional cleaner.

    Leather Upholstery

    Our company offers upholstery cleaning for all types of furniture, including leather! From pigmented leather to suede leather, we’ve got you covered. After we’ve determined your furniture’s type of leather, we’ll work to get it thoroughly clean and address any problem areas you may be concerned with.

    Microfiber Upholstery

    Are your couches and chairs microfiber? No problem! Microfiber is typically made from polyester, meaning that it will attract oils from both people and pets more easily. This can lead to more stains and lingering odors. However, our team has been extensively trained to handle microfiber upholstery to get all your stains and smells out!

    Microfiber Upholstery service is being done for this sofa.

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    The Benefits of

    Professional Upholstery Cleaning

    Having your upholstered furniture cleaned by a professional offers a wide array of benefits to home and business owners. Below, you can see the most notable benefits professional upholstery cleaning provides:

    Better Air Quality

    Your upholstered furniture inherently collects dirt, dust, and debris. These contaminants can get released from your furniture’s fabrics into the air every time someone sits down. This lowers the air quality in your home and business. Professional upholstery cleaning deep cleans the fibers in your furniture, removing these particles that lower your air quality. Removing all the dust, dirt, and debris immediately improves your air quality, creating a healthier environment in your house or business!

    Reduced Allergens

    Whether it’s pet dander, oils, dust, or other allergens, these contaminants can quickly become trapped in your furniture, causing contact irritation and increased allergies in your home or business. If someone in your space already suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, this can be even more of a problem! Professional upholstery cleaning can rid the fabrics of these allergy-causing particles to create a safer, allergen-free setting!

    Longer Furniture Life

    One of the most straightforward rules out there is that the better care you take of something, the longer it’ll last. The same rule applies to your upholstery! Dirt, dust, oils, and other debris takes a toll on your furniture and shortens its lifespan if left unaddressed. Having your upholstery routinely cleaned by a professional will ensure that it lasts as long as possible! Making the most of your upholstered furniture will save you money and allow you to enjoy your furniture for years to come!

    This image shows a man with a vacuum machine cleanig a carpet.

    Improved Appearance

    One of the more apparent benefits of professional upholstery cleaning is that it’ll improve the look of your furniture. However, this benefit goes farther than that! Dirty furniture can make any room look unsightly, no matter if every other surface in that room is spotless and sparkling. If your furniture looks bad, the whole space will look bad. Professional upholstery cleaning will ensure that your furniture looks comfortable and clean and makes your entire room look cleaner in the process!

    Fresher Smells

    One of the less enjoyable qualities of upholstery is that it soaks up smells. If you sit on your furniture smelling unsavory, your furniture will still smell that way when you get up. Not to mention the odors that linger in your upholstery from sweat and oils. Professional upholstery cleaning will rid your furniture of these less-than-favorable smells and leave your entire room smelling fresher than ever!

    Safer Cleaning Practices

    Upholstery is one of the more delicate fabrics out there, and as a result, requires careful cleaning to prevent damaging it during the process. Many people simply grab a bottle of fabric cleaner and start scrubbing. However, this can damage the upholstery and leave it worse off than before you started cleaning. Professional upholstery cleaning ensures that your fabrics are cleaned delicately to protect them while providing a deep clean that leaves them looking and smelling as good as new!

    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Why Choose Us?

    With all the options out there in professional cleaning services, why should you choose us? Our company has years of experience providing top-quality upholstery cleaning services to our neighbors in Reno, NV, and the surrounding areas. Our team members have been extensively trained to handle all your upholstery cleaning needs! We pride ourselves on the best upholstery cleaning services and the friendliest customer service in the business!

    • Years of Experience
    • Trained Experts
    • Top-quality Cleaning Equipment
    • Affordable Prices
    • Friendly Customer Service

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    Upholstery Cleaning Reno. Microfiber Upholstery service is being done for this sofa.

    Have some questions?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions from our customers:

    How often should I have my upholstery cleaned?

    In most cases, you should have your upholstery cleaned at least one to two times a year. Like carpet cleaning, the more often your furniture is used, the more often you should have it cleaned by a professional. The best times to have your upholstery cleaned are during the fall and spring months. Typically, temperatures are cooler and will help with faster dry times.

    Can you remove pet stains and odors from my upholstery?

    Yes! Our company offers pet stain and odor treatments for upholstery. If your pets have left some unsightly and smelly messes on your furniture, our team can get these stains and odors out of your fabrics.

    Do you offer fabric protectors for my upholstery?

    Yes, our company offers fabric protectors that we can apply to your upholstery once it’s clean and dry! These fabric protectors will form a stain-resistant barrier over your upholstery’s fibers to repel spills and soiling. With our fabric protector in place, simply keep up with your routine maintenance to ensure that your furniture stays clean for as long as possible!

    How long will it take my furniture to dry?

    This can vary depending on the type of upholstered fabric, the fabric’s filling, and the size of the furniture. On average, your upholstery should be dry within 6 to 8 hours. However, some cushion fillings can take as long as 24 hours to dry. Properly ventilating the area and using fans can speed up the drying process.