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    Years of Experience

    We’ve been cleaning homes and businesses in Reno for years!

    Qualified Professionals

    Each of our team members has been extensively trained!

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    Top-rated Company

    We take pride in our work, and it shows through our customers!

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    Professional Equipment

    We only use state-of-the-art equipment to clean your surfaces!

    Our Services

    What We Do

    We offer a wide range of cleaning services for your home or business. From professional carpet cleaning to air ducts to tile and grout, we can do it all! No matter what you need to be cleaned, we’ve got you covered! Check out our various cleaning services below!

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    Carpet Cleaning

    Let’s face it, carpets get dirty, and they get messy fast. That’s why we’re here to keep your carpets as clean as possible with our cutting-edge equipment and techniques designed to clean your carpets through to the padding!

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    Upholstery Cleaning

    We use our furniture daily. All that sitting and relaxing leaves sweat residue and more to be embedded into your upholstery fabric. Our professional upholstery cleaning can get out any stains and odors, leaving your upholstery cleaner and fresher than ever!

    More About Upholstery Cleaning
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    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Tile and grout are some of the worst surfaces for germs and bacteria to grow as they can hide in your grout. Our cleaners have the skills and expertise to get your tile and grout clean and sanitary in no time!

    More About Tile & Grout Cleaning
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    Air Duct Cleaning

    One of the most overlooked aspects of regular home or business cleaning is air ducts. These surfaces can become built up with dirt and debris that fills your space with allergens and makes your HVAC work harder. Let us clean your air ducts so you can breathe easier today!

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    Pet Odor Treatments

    Are you a pet owner? If so, you know what a simple accident can do for the smell in your home. If you’re dealing with pet odors, our pet odor treatment can remove these lingering smells and leave your home fresher than ever!

    More About Pet Odor Treatments
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    Stone Cleaning

    If you have stone floors, countertops, or fireplaces in your home or business, you understand the hassle that getting them completely clean can be. Our team has the experience and the resources to get your stone spotless and help it last as long as possible!

    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Here in Reno, Nevada, and the surrounding areas, we’re excited to bring our expert cleaning services to both home and business owners in our service area! No matter if you need carpet cleaning to freshen up your house or office furniture cleaned for your business, we can help!

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    Residential Services

    Living your life can cause plenty of messes around your home and leave the place looking dirty and smelling unpleasant no matter how much you clean. That’s where our residential cleaning services shine! We can leave your home looking cleaner and smelling better than the day you moved in!

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    Commercial Services

    Regular maintenance routines before shutting down the office or closing up shop only go so far as to keep your business clean and sanitary. Our commercial cleaning services can help keep your office, store, or any other commercial building clean and looking professional for your employees and potential clients!

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    What Makes Us Different?

    Our advanced cleaning equipment and techniques leave your carpet thoroughly and clean and residue-free! Give us a call to learn more and get a free estimate!

    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Why Choose Us?

    With all the choices in professional carpet cleaning out there, why should you choose us? The answer is simple! Our experienced team of cleaning experts is here to provide you with the highest quality cleaning services on the market today!

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    We Have the Experience.

    We’ve been cleaning carpets, tile and grout, stone, and more around the greater Reno, NV, area for years! This experience has taught our team the cleaning business’s ins and outs, giving us the knowledge needed to get your hom

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    We Use Top-quality Equipment.

    We never work with sub-par equipment to get your space clean. We value the importance of using quality, professional-grade equipment, and spare no expense on the quality of our customers’ cleaning experience!

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    Friendly Customer Service is Essential to Us.

    Any service that any company offers is meaningless without friendly customer service! Our company prides itself on listening to our customers’ needs and prioritizing them above all else. You are the backbone of our business, and we treat our customers with the respect they deserve.

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    We’re a Top-rated Company.

    We take pride in the work that we do! Our existing clients’ feedback is proof that we’re a top-rated company that’s here to provide you with the best cleaning services in the business!

    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you have questions about our services, and we have the answers! Below, you can find some of the most common questions that we hear from our customers. If you have additional questions, feel free to give us a call, and one of our representatives will get back to you!

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    What other services do you offer?

    Our company is proud to offer a full range of cleaning services for your home or business. No matter what you need to have cleaned, we can help! You can check the other services that we offer not listed above in the section below:

    Area Rug Cleaning

    If you have your carpet cleaned and have a dirty area rug sitting on it, your room will still look and smell dirty. We can take your rug and return it cleaner than ever!

    Exhaust Vent Cleaning

    When you cook and run your kitchen’s exhaust vent, all that smoke and evaporated grease will make its way into your vent, leaving a thick layer of buildup. Our team can clean this out, letting your exhaust fan work easier and leave your kitchen smelling better.

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Dryer vents are notorious for having a buildup of lint, and other debris stuck in them. This can be dangerous if left unchecked. Let us clean your dryer vents to make your home cleaner and safer!

    Auto Upholstery Cleaning

    When cleaning our homes, it can be easy to forget the car! No matter if you have fabric upholstery or a leather interior, our team has the skills and expertise to leave your vehicle as clean as the day you brought it home!

    What is a carpet protector?

    When you have your carpets cleaned, they’re still susceptible to spills and tracked-in dirt. A carpet protector is a perfect way to keep your carpets cleaner, longer! This protector adds a layer of protection that’s designed to repel spills and stains and resist soiling. By doing so, your carpet will stay clean for much longer with routine maintenance after you have it cleaned by our professional team!

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    Why is professional carpet cleaning necessary?

    Professional carpet cleaning is an essential service to your home or business’s maintenance routine. This service helps to keep your space clean and sanitary while ensuring that it looks good too! Professional carpet cleaning will help your carpets last as long as possible and reduce allergens present in your space as well. This makes for a more attractive, healthier environment for your family, employees, or customers. You should have your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service at least two times a year to effectively keep your space clean and your air quality high. Check out the various reasons that carpet cleaning is necessary below:

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    Reduce Allergens

    Allergens, such as dust mites, pet dander, and other bacteria, can negatively impact anyone in your home or business, especially children and the elderly. Carpet cleaning will cut down these allergens, making your space much healthier!

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    Eliminate Mold & Mildew

    As spills occur on your carpets, they can soak through to the padding. Vacuuming and rental cleaning equipment will never pull all of this moisture out of the floor. This creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to flourish. Carpet cleaning will pull this moisture out and eliminate mold and mildew.

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    Improve Air Quality

    Aside from allergens, many other particles can lower your home’s air quality, and they live in your carpets. By having your carpets cleaned, many of these particles will be removed, drastically improving the air quality in your space.

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    Extend Your Carpet’s Lifespan

    Dirt and debris don’t just make your carpet look bad by leaving dirty patches. As they’re ground into the carpet, they damage the fibers and cut years off of your carpet’s life. Carpet cleaning removes this debris to ensure the carpet lasts as long as possible!

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    Enhance the Appearance of Your Home

    One of the more obvious reasons to clean your carpets is appearance. Dirty carpets make your home or business look dirty. Professional carpet cleaning will leave your space looking sparkling clean!

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    Improved Airflow

    The airflow through your home or business is essential to the efficiency of your HVAC system. Dirty carpets can reduce the airflow, especially around walls, making your system work harder and raising your energy bill. Carpet cleaning improves your airflow, making your system much more efficient!

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