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Tired of Dirty Carpets?

If you’re tired of having dirty, stained carpets taking away from your home’s appearance, we’re here to help!

Our team is here to provide our neighbors here in Reno, NV, with the best in professional carpet cleaning services! No matter if it’s one room, the entire house, or your office carpets, we have the skills and equipment to get your carpets the cleanest they’ve ever been. We pride ourselves on obtaining a thorough clean that doesn’t leave a residue on your carpet. Quality cleaning services and friendly customer service are our top priorities. When you need your carpets cleaned by a professional, look no further than Carpet Cleaning Reno! Call today for a free estimate.

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    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Our Carpet Cleaning Services

    Our company is happy to offer professional carpet cleaning services to both residential and commercial buildings. From houses to apartments to businesses, we can do it all! Give us a call for fresher, cleaner carpets today!

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    Residential Carpet Cleaning

    The carpet in your home sees a lot of wear and tear, from daily foot traffic to rambunctious children to playful pets. Whether you’re dealing with tracked-in dirt that you can’t seem to get out, spilled food or drinks, or pet accidents, vacuuming and store-bought stain treatments only go so far. When you need your carpets thoroughly cleaned, we’ve got you covered! Our team has the experience to get even the toughest messes out of your home’s carpets!
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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Carpeting is an excellent choice for many businesses! It can promote a comfortable yet professional atmosphere for your office or building. However, once it gets dirty, it can quickly cause unsavory smells and unattractive stains. As your employees file in and out of your business, dirt and debris simply get ground into your carpet’s fibers, which can be challenging to remove during routine maintenance. Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to get your commercial carpeting back to its beautiful, professional appearance again!

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    Carpet Protectors

    If you want your freshly cleaned carpets to stay clean longer, consider a carpet protector! Our premium carpet protectors form a barrier over your carpet fibers that repels stains, spills, and soil, making regular maintenance more manageable and to ensure that your carpets stay clean for as long as possible!

    Pet Stains and Odors

    If you have pets in your home, then you already know how easy an accident can be to miss! When this happens, soaked-in stains and lingering odors can be the result. If you’re dealing with pet stains and odors, our team can treat your carpets and remove these pesky stains and smells!

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    The Benefits of

    Professional Carpet Cleaning

    Professional carpet cleaning services do much more than simply make your carpet look better. This useful service provides a wide range of benefits to home and business owners, making their spaces cleaner, safer, and better smelling!

    Improved Air Quality

    As dirt, dust, and other debris build up in your carpets, these contaminants will be released into the air in your home or business as you walk across your carpets. These particles drastically decrease the air quality in your space. Professional carpet cleaning services will remove all of these particles, including the contaminants deeply ground into your carpets. Removing these particles will significantly improve your home or business’s air quality, helping you, your family, and your employees breathe easier and reduce illnesses!

    Reduce Allergens

    Dust, dander, and other allergens will always find their way into your carpets. These particles can increase the symptoms of those in your household or business that suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues. Having your carpets cleaned by a professional will reduce these allergy-inducing particles and help to improve these symptoms! Don’t let yourself, your family, or your employees suffer! Let us get your carpets clean and allergen-free!

    Eliminate Unsavory Smells and Lingering Odors

    Various substances can leave your carpets smelling less than fresh, from food crumbs to pet messes to spilled drinks. Once a pungent odor seeps into your carpets, it can be next to impossible to get it out through conventional means. If you’re dealing with lingering odors that are making your home or business smell, professional carpet cleaning can remove these odors and leave your space smelling fresher than ever!

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    Enhance Energy-Efficiency

    The airflow through your home or business is essential to the functionality of your HVAC system. The harder your air is to move, the harder your heating and cooling system has to work to move it. It may come as a surprise, but dirty carpets can significantly impede the airflow in your space, especially around walls. This can lead to increased utility bills as your carpets become dirtier with time. Professional carpet cleaning will improve this airflow and help your HVAC system work more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly bills!

    Extend Your Carpet’s Lifespan

    As dirt and other debris build up in your carpets, they can become embedded in the carpet fibers as it’s walked on. When this happens, these particles can damage your carpet fibers and shred them in some cases. Professional carpet cleaning can help you make the most of your carpet by removing dirt and debris that would otherwise damage your carpets and shorten their lifespans. As a result, you can save money avoiding replacements and enjoy your carpets for as long as possible!

    No Sticky Residue

    Many homeowners opt for store-bought shampooers or rental carpet cleaning machines. These pieces of equipment typically utilize soapy detergents to clean your carpets. However, these carpet cleaners often leave a sticky residue over your carpet. It can be rather disappointing to realize that they don’t feel clean despite how clean your carpets look. Professional carpet cleaning services will leave no type of residue on your carpets while providing a deep clean that makes your carpets look cleaner and feel softer!

    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Why Choose Us?

    When you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning company that you can depend on, you can count on us! Our team has years of experience providing top-quality carpet cleaning services to the greater Reno, Nevada, area! We only work with the highest quality cleaning tools and equipment to ensure that your carpets get as clean as possible!

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    Have any Questions?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about our services:

    How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?

    This can depend on the frequency of traffic your home or business receives regularly. However, in most cases, you should have your carpets cleaned by a professional at least twice a year. Typically, the best times to have your carpets cleaned are in the fall and the spring. This ensures that your space is fresh and clean through the winter, when we spend the most time indoors, and to rid your carpets of the built-up debris your carpets may have accrued during the winter. If your home or business sees an extensive volume of foot traffic, you may benefit from having your carpets cleaned more than twice a year.

    Is it true that carpets soil faster after having them cleaned?

    No, this isn’t true for our cleaning process. The belief that carpets get dirtier faster after cleaning them stems from store-bought cleaners and rental carpet cleaners. These shampooers and cleaners frequently leave sticky residues over the carpets, which can attract dirt and dust. Once dirt, dust, and debris hit this residue, it can be difficult to remove, even with a reliable vacuum cleaner. Our cleaning process leaves no residue, meaning that your carpets will not soil faster after we clean them.

    How do I keep my carpets clean after a professional cleaning?

    There are a few tips to ensuring that your carpets stay clean for as long as possible after we clean them.

    • Vacuum at least once every other day, or once a day for rooms with high foot traffic.
    • Vacuum slowly to ensure the vacuum picks up as much debris as possible.
    • Avoid wearing shoes in the house to reduce tracked-in dirt.
    • Keep food and drinks out of carpeted areas.
    • Invest in our premium carpet protector to repel stains and dirt!

    How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

    Keeping the rooms with carpet well-ventilated will ensure the quickest dry times. Cut a fan on or open some windows to speed up the drying process. On average, your carpet should be dry enough to walk on within 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the room.