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When your office’s carpets get dirty or smelly, you can count on Carpet Cleaning Reno to get the job done!

Our company understands the demands of the modern-day office. We specialize in minimizing downtime while getting your carpets as clean as possible! You have a business to run, and we strive to provide flexible cleaning schedules to ensure that your day-to-day business operations remain uninterrupted by our cleaning services. With the daily foot traffic that your office experiences, spills, and other messes that can happen around the office, our team is here to provide a comprehensive cleaning that will leave your office carpets cleaner and fresher than they’ve ever been!

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    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Our Office Carpet Cleaning Services

    When your office in Reno, NV, or the surrounding areas is dealing with stained, unsightly, and foul-smelling carpets, don’t worry! We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services to ensure that your office stays clean and looks professional.

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    Office Carpet Cleaning

    Office carpets are exposed to some of the most wear and tear of any carpeted floor. From the frequent foot traffic to spilled coffee and much more, the stains and smells can add up! Our team uses the highest-quality cleaning equipment and time-tested techniques to ensure that we get your carpets fresh and clean so you can get back to focusing on running a busy office.
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    Don’t Forget the Furniture!

    That’s right! Don’t forget your office furniture! Practically every office building is furnished with desk chairs and waiting room couches and chairs that can get as dirty as any office carpet. These upholstered surfaces are used every day, absorbing oils, sweat, and dead skin cells, making them look worn and smell foul. Our team can ensure that your office looks and smells professional so that your employees are happy and your visitors are impressed!

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    Stain Treatments

    Whether it’s coffee, soda, or some other mysterious stain, our company is here to help. No one wants their office to be riddled with unsightly stains! Our tried-and-true stain removal techniques are designed to get those tough stains out of your office carpets so you can focus more on work and less on trying to scrub out those spots!

    Carpet Protectors

    We can leave your carpets cleaner and smelling fresher in no time! However, keeping them clean is part of your regular maintenance. We can help make your carpet care more manageable and more effective with our carpet protectors! These premium carpet protectors provide a layer of protection over your office carpets that repels spills and dirt to keep your carpets cleaner for longer!

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    The Benefits of

    Office Carpet Cleaning

    Professional office carpet cleaning does much more for your business than simply making it look better and smell better. There are many benefits to this useful service! Check them out below:

    Reduce Allergies and Illnesses

    Office carpets are the ideal breeding ground for various allergens, germs, and bacteria. These flooring surfaces trap dirt and allergens that get tracked throughout your office and cause increased allergies and spread sickness throughout the office. This can lead to more sick days being used by your staff and a loss of productivity due to your employees feeling bad. Professional carpet cleaning will remove these harmful particles and leave your office a healthier, more comfortable place to work!

    Eliminate Odors

    It can be challenging to work in an environment that smells foul. When you and your employees walk over the carpet all day, many different substances can be tracked in from outside. When dirt, bacteria, and other particles build up in your office carpets, they’ll begin to smell. Even spills can lead to lingering odors, depending on what the spill was. Professional office carpet cleaning will rid your office of these lingering smells and leave your space smelling fresh and clean!

    Improved Professional Appearance

    Your office’s appearance is often regarded as a representation of your company. When your office space looks dingy and worn, your clients may not be as convinced to do business with you when they come to visit. Regular vacuuming and maintenance aren’t always enough to remove the built-up grime and dirt. Our professional cleaning services will remove layers of soiling that you may not have even known was there! We’ll leave your office looking more attractive and professional than ever!

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    Eliminate Mold and Mildew

    Let’s face it, we can’t keep our carpets completely dry 24/7. Whether it’s a spilled beverage or employees rushing in from the rain, your office carpets are sure to get wet. This moisture can soak into your carpet’s padding, facilitating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Mold produces airborne spores that can spread throughout the office, making the entire space smell musty and damp. Professional office carpet cleaning will eliminate any current mold growth and prevent any further growth!

    Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    Professional office carpet cleaning can actually improve the energy-efficiency of your office building! As air flows through your facility, dirty carpets can impede this airflow, making your heating and cooling system work harder to heat or cool your office space. This can lead to increased utility bills. However, when you have your office’s carpets cleaned, this airflow is optimized, reducing the workload on your HVAC system, which will lower your monthly utility bills!

    Improved Productivity

    It’s difficult to focus on your work and do your best work when you’re uncomfortable, that’s a simple fact. Carpets filled with dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria can lower your business’s air quality. This results in worsened respiratory issues, such as asthma, and contributes to a generally uncomfortable environment. When we clean your office carpets, the air quality in your building will drastically improve! This leads to a more comfortable environment for you and your employees where it’s easier to breathe, improving productivity throughout your office!

    Carpet Cleaning Reno

    Why Choose Us?

    When your company is looking for professional office carpet cleaning services, look no further than Carpet Cleaning Reno! Our team has years of experience providing the highest-quality cleaning services in the business! We’ll work with you to find a time to clean that doesn’t affect your business’s workload or performance. Let us help keep your business looking professional and functioning at its best!

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    Looking for Answers?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The answers to our most commonly heard questions from our clients!

    How long will my office carpets take to dry?

    Typically, your office carpets will need around four to eight hours to dry. This drying time can be expedited by ventilating the space and utilizing fans. However, we can work with your business’s schedule to ensure that the dry time doesn’t affect your workday. For example, we can clean the carpets at the end of the workday so they can have the evening to dry and be ready for you and your employees the following day!

    Will carpet cleaning be disruptive to my business?

    No, our company will work with you to determine the best time to have your carpets cleaned. After hours, we can clean your office carpets to ensure that we don’t disrupt your workday and your carpets have time to dry before the next workday. If your office runs a day and a night shift, we can implement a schedule to have your carpets cleaned in sections. This way, your entire carpet gets cleaned without impeding your regularly scheduled work!

    Will there be a residue on my carpets?

    Our company prides itself on ensuring that we perform zero-residue cleanings. We believe that leaving a sticky residue behind after cleaning defeats the purpose of a professional carpet cleaning. The last step in our cleaning process is a clean water extraction that leaves your office carpets clean without the residue common with rental cleaning equipment.

    Will there be an odor left over from the carpet cleaning?

    This depends on the type of carpet your office has. You may notice a faint scent after the cleaning is finished, especially if your office has wool carpets. However, it usually only takes about an hour for this odor to dissipate, depending on ventilation, heat, and humidity levels. Our clean water extraction can help reduce this odor and ensure that your carpets are smelling fresher than ever before they’re even finished drying!